Schools Managed Service

Introducing a fresh ICT bundle

Welcome to the schools managed ICT service 

Our School’s Managed Service (SMS) is a proven service bundle which removes your responsibility for managing your key ICT equipment and infrastructure and provides you with a simple, single point of contact for all of your ICT needs.  We will take the hassle out of running a secure and legal IT network, whilst providing you with tools to deliver quality teaching. 

Some of the benefits you will receive include:

  • Freedom to work anywhere – Remote
    access to all your school resources.
  • Servers maintained and backed up with
    the ‘know how’ of Shropshire Council.
  • Access to free dedicated educational tools
    on your personalised school desktop. 
  • On site and remote technician and SIMS support.

We’re proud to offer you this package, which incorporates a number of improvements and efficiencies that we have invested in over several years.

As an example, for a primary school with 300 students,  20 staff and 150 IT devices this would cost only £10,734.50*

(*This assumes a typical SMS package of: #5 Rent a Server, #6 Technical Support, #8 Switch Maintenance (2 x Type 1 switches), #9 Web filtering, #11 Antivirus protection, #16 Virtual Staffroom and #22 Managed educational desktop)