Staff development and training

The Benefit

Rather than charging ‘per head’ our courses are only charged based on the amount of time they take to plan and deliver – which means that different schools can ‘club together’ to all attend one CPD session and then split the cost between them. This has the added benefit that none of our CPD workshops will ever be cancelled due to low attendance, allowing you to plan effectively for the development of your staff throughout the year.

How we design our workshops

All of our staff CPD is designed to meet the exact needs of your school.

In our experience, the delivery of homogenised 'off the shelf' training puts extra pressure on staff who are required to work out which parts of such training are 'relevant' to their job. More often than not, staff will return to work after CPD not really any of the wiser as to how they are going to use technology to solve a particular challenge which is unique to your school.

To avoid this situation, we will work closely with you to determine the knowledge and skills which you need your staff to acquire during our CPD and will then design a bespoke session, tailored to your specific needs.

In addition, if there is a specific electronic resource which you want your staff to create, we will collaboratively build that resource with your staff during the CPD session. So that not only do they have the resource, they also understand how it was put together and how to use it going forward.

How we deliver our workshops

Our CPD delivery team are experienced educators and learning technologists themselves and can deliver both on site and online CPD to your staff, at times and places which suit them best.

We know that everyone's memory of a specific CPD workshop fades over time. Because of this, every workshop we design comes with its own bespoke web page containing all of the learning resources and materials which will be used or referred to in the CPD session itself. This web page will be accessible to your staff for as long as you need it, so that they're able to go back as many times as they wish should they ever want to need a refresher on anything which was cover.